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Welcome to my blog


Here you will find my latest musings and news from Silk Interiors. Please feel free to leave comments - I love to receive feedback and know what you like or dislike.

By silkinteriors, May 27 2015 09:53PM

Put this date into your diary - Monday 1st June, 2015.

That's the date that the fantastic new The Bakehouse At 124 in Tonbridge opens. Owned by local Clare Barton, with support from Dr Jerome Flynn, this great new venture can be found at 124 High Street in the old Moss Bros shop that closed last year. If you are still not sure - it's the best looking building in the High Street, just up form the Chequers pub.

We were lucky enough to be invited to their pre-opening evening last week, where we joined other locals including the Town Team members, our new MP Tom Tugendhat and the new mayor Councillor Owen Baldock. The Mayor was on his first official engagement, having been sworn in that same week.

Nicky was initially contacted by Clare last year, and was pleased to be asked to make the cushions, lampshades and a box cushion for a recycled church pew. You can see some of these in situation here - we hope they give a feel of the bakery. This gorgeous fabric, chosen by Clare, comes from Vanessa Arbuthnott.

The Bakehouse At 124 is Clare's dream. A lifelong Tonbridge and Hildenborough resident, she re-trained as an artisan baker in 2013. You'll be able to sample delicious breads and pastries in sumptuous surroundings. As well as the food, which includes light breakfasts, lunch and teas, The Bakehouse at 124 is also a coffee house and tea room.

For those that love a bit of theatre, you can sit at the toast bar and watch the bakers in action, as they create small batches of loaves that will match any in today's growing artisan food revival.

Sourdough bread will be a particular speciality, and there will be sweet brioche, croissants and other pastries. Perhaps porridge is your choice of breakfast; quiche or soup for lunch; and who doesn't like a proper afternoon tea.

We've heard of some locals say "not another cafe", but The Bakehouse At 124 is so much more than a cafe. With inglenook fireplaces, two floors of comfortable seating in a Tudor building, and outside garden, and bakers working in full view, it will be the perfect setting for the more discerning customer.

You can even hire space for networking or team events - email clafre@thebakehouse.co.uk if this is of interest. Follow them on Facebook here and check out more photos from the tasting evening courtesy of Alma Photography.

Having sampled some of their food last week and had a good look at the space, we can't wait for the opening. We really think this class of establishment will really stand out and bring people to Tonbridge, to sample a touch of luxury in a fantastic setting.

By silkinteriors, May 20 2014 12:55PM

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to see one of Tonbridge's newest shops, Neptune. If you haven't seen it yet and are interested in interiors - which I am sure reading this you are - pop along and take a look.

As a member of the Tonbridge Town Team I am really pleased to see such a great use of the space. Situated in Tannery Road, this former warehouse almost opposite Waitrose has been transformed into a luxury showroom for great interiors.

As a member of Tonbridge public, it is great to see an exciting new shop open up, offering high quality items for discerning customers.

As you turn the corner you will at first see that the outside looks smart, and that sets the scene. An entrance hall leads you into the showroom, and everywhere you look there are stylish pieces.

As you walk through you will see rooms made out to suggest possible styles. Walk round the ground floor, and see beautiful kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. Accessories such as candles, baskets, linen and so on can also be found downstairs.

A great staircase leads you upstairs, with some lovely bedrooms showcasing great furniture - I particularly found the wardrobe shelving unique and so simple an idea. I won't explain - go and take a look for yourself, I hope you find it ingenuous too.

Each wall is also painted with some of Neptune's own paint, which of course is available to buy. The whole showroom exudes style, and it's easy to imagine living a life of luxury.

I hope that Alison and James have a long and successful business - it's a great addition to the Tonbridge retail scene.


Store outside - Neptune - Tonbridge
Store outside - Neptune - Tonbridge
Entrance - Neptune - Tonbridge
Entrance - Neptune - Tonbridge
Interior - Neptune - Tonbridge
Interior - Neptune - Tonbridge

By silkinteriors, Apr 2 2014 12:37PM

Hi everyone, how are you? I hope all is well and for those that have children at school especially, you are in good health ready for two weeks of fun! Easter is a great time for the kids to blow off a bit of steam, get outdoors to enjoy Spring, and also recharge the batteries.

I’ve been busy recently not only with sewing, but also within my local community. As you probably know I live in Tonbridge in Kent, a nice town with great open spaces to play in, as well as a good rail link to London. It’s a town I love, but like many others these days, it’s High Street is suffering.

I’m not one to sit back, moan, and watch things deteriorate without trying to help. And that is why I am really pleased to let you know I have joined up as a Committee Member of the Tonbridge Town Team. This was set up a couple of years ago when Mary Portas was commissioned by the Government to look into failing High Streets. Whilst Tonbridge wasn’t chosen as one of her towns to receive substantial funding, the Tonbridge Town Team have continued to look at ways of improving things to bring a bit of life back into the town.

This is the team that put on the fantastic Taster Day last year, where 20,000 people came to watch the dragon boats race, check out the live entertainment, take part or watch the dog show, or browse and buy from some of the numerous stalls (I think about 120, including mine!). Oh, and more!

There won’t be a Taster Day this year, but there is dragon boat racing on the Medway in September. The Town Team are quietly working on other things too that I can’t mention, but as a team of volunteers they are so pro Tonbridge.

I’ve also this week joined the Chamber of Commerce. I’m not sure yet what this will bring, but I believe it’s a great opportunity for me to meet like minded business people who live locally. I’m sure that many of these will also look to a brighter future for Tonbridge. After yesterday’s disappointing news that Sainsbury’s have pulled out of the town regeneration plans, we sure do need people to get behind whatever the Town Team or other groups can do to make our town a brighter, more vibrant community.

For those locals who read this, I hope you stop for a second and have a think about this, and just remember that whatever groups put on events locally, they all need your support. And of course shops too. We may not have the best choice of shops, but there are numerous local traders who work hard to offer you choice. So whether it’s shopping or supporting local groups, why not see what’s on offer in Tonbridge before you head off further afield.

And of course, don’t forget there’s plenty of locals working from home who need your support too ;o)…

Nicky x

By silkinteriors, Mar 28 2014 10:46PM

Hi there everybody, I hope you are all well. Today I'm telling you about a great new venue in Tonbridge.

I was lucky enough to be invited by Teresa Seamer, joint owner of Gorgeous George, to the opening night of the Portelli Gallery last night. The Portelli Gallery has been converted from the storerooms above Gorgeous George into a great small opportunity to see work from local artists.

I'm guessing there were about 50 guests admiring the work of the artists - Scudder, Matty Bray, Mike Flight and Trisha Wood. Mayor Howard Rogers was in attendance as well as local artists Guy Portelli and Mark Paul Perry. There were also several members of the Tonbridge Town Team and the Chamber of Commerce, amongst others.

If you've been to Gorgeous George you will be aware of her extensive wine knowledge, and we were lucky enough to have our glasses topped up often from their fantastic range. Teresa and her partner Gaby Copson had also hired local chef George Hall to lay on some first class food.

I'm not a great art aficionado by any means, so please excuse the lack of critical observations. From what I understand the art gallery will have a different theme every 6 weeks or so. It has opened with something of a Pop Art theme. On view are some large portraits of stars, a great self portrait, and some very modern pop art canvasses.

But i won't spoil the fun and tell you too much. Get along to Gorgeous George and pop upstairs to see the great local talent for yourself. Enjoy what's on offer, but if it's out of your price range, Gorgeous George has some geat things on offer downstaiirs too! It's one of my favourite shops and a great addition to Tonbridge. Of course, don't forget to head back regularly to see the new art on display. And remember to take your Loyalty Card too.

Back soon with some exciting news. See you soon



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