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Welcome to my blog


Here you will find my latest musings and news from Silk Interiors. Please feel free to leave comments - I love to receive feedback and know what you like or dislike.

By silkinteriors, Jan 18 2016 08:35PM

As we can fully expect, a new year brings a new collection at Prestigious Textiles. Actually, not one new collection, but thirteen!

Annika is a vibrant collection of stripes (I love Tutti Frutti), spots, and a couple of lovely leaf designs. I do hope somone buys these as they look great and I'd love to work with them. Metro continues the bright looks with chevrons, that were so popular last year.

If you are looking for a heavyweight material that is plain, but not boring, then you need to head over to see the Herriott collection. They are upholstery weight weaves in a few earthy tones, ranging from chalk through to pumice. It gives quite a masculine feel in my opinion. If you want completely plain, then Finlay is your selection.

If you want a plain look but with a bit of texture, something that will show more detail the closer you get, then take a look at Dalesway.

If you are after modern florals, then Samba and Ambleside will be your first ports of call. In the latter I particularly like the Yarrow and Wordsworth designs - very delicate flowers. There are also a couple of designs in the Perception collection, although in very limited colours.

I've worked with many Prestigious fabrics over the years. They are very good quality, at an affordable price, and great to work with. Whilst you can buy cheaper fabrics, I know that anything from Prestigious will give a great finish and I will not have any issues with patterns.

By silkinteriors, Apr 3 2014 12:17PM

Hello again everyone. I’ve just realised that my last few posts have meandered off the topic of sewing, although hopefully they have been of interest in particular to the locals amongst you. So, back to sewing, and with a local twist.

Every 6 weeks or so a local fabric supplier opens it’s doors to their warehouse, and invites people to come along and see in person what they have to offer. Whilst you can order online at any time, they like to give the opportunity for people like me to buy in person. Now whilst I love the ease of the internet, you can’t beat seeing material in the flesh, so to speak.

So off I trotted last Saturday to Plush Addict in Edenbridge for my first visit. I’d wanted to go to the last one but unfortunately it didn’t fit in with my plans. And neither does the next. So wild horses weren’t going to stop me, and as I had to get some samples for a client, then I didn’t feel guilty. I even dragged the Unpaid PA along for a treat.

As I pulled up I knew it was going to be great. The warehouse is large, and they were serving coffee and cake near the door – great start! As I ventured in I realised just how popular Plush Addict are locally – there were (mainly) ladies up every aisle, many of whom knew each other.

And what a fabulous range of material they had. I can’t go into the different types as there were just so many. My mind was a whirl whilst I thought about what I’d like to make. If you want stripes, there were dozens of types. A section of chevrons caught the eye of the UPA – I don’t think he’s ever seen so many colour combinations. Disney characters; spots; maps; beach huts; owls. Whatever you could think of, Plush Addict stock it! And of course ribbons, elastic, patterns and anything else you could need.

So what did I buy? Well, that would be telling. But I did buy a layer cake of new Moda material that I just couldn’t resist, and I hope to offer them as cushions very soon – watch this space! And the UPA bought some flowery material chosen by his youngest daughter – he’s going to make a noticeboard for her bedroom. I did spend more, but you’ll see that another time in finished form. Oh, and of course, I picked up my samples for my clients bathroom blind.

Finally, I should mention that the staff were all extremely helpful. Despite the long queues at the cutting tables they remained in high spirits, giving advice and tips as they cut away. And the cake was to die for! The next Open Day is May 10th – I nearly changed my long held plans to attend, but can’t.

Plush Addict are just about celebrating their second birthday. Congratulations to Kellie and her family team. See you soon, Plush Addict, but not soon enough.

Nicky x

PS - if you go along to an Open Day, see if you can spot these little beauties hiding away. There were 2 others too, I think

By silkinteriors, Feb 10 2014 01:37PM

Apologies for no blog posts last week - after returning from a long weekend away I fell ill, but am back fighting fit now.

A lot of my clients like patterned material for their blinds and curtains. And so do I. But just occasionally a plain material is perfect for the job.

I noticed today on the Grace and Favour website that they have a range of plain materials from the Makower Spectrum collection. 100% cotton, these are 112cm or 44" wide, and available in Aqua, Claret, Fuschia, Latte (cream), Marine, Midnight and Orange. It's priced at £7 per metre at present.

If you're looking for a plain material, why not pop over and take a look.

Speak again soon

Nicky x

By silkinteriors, Jan 8 2014 01:24PM

Hello everyone. How's the first week of 2014 been? I hope it's not been too bad, despite the rain.

I often get asked by clients when they are securing my services for recommendations of shops for fabrics. There are lots of shops I could suggest, some mainstream such as Laura Ashley or John Lewis, to the more niche fabric shops - although obviously there are not enough of these, I hope you agree.

My absolute favourite shop I like to go to is Bell House Fabrics in Cranbrook. It's an Aladdins Cave full of lovely stuff - I can quite easily lose several hours browsing their fabric if I'm not careful. I'm pleased to say that they have a sale on at the moment, running through January till the 8th February. Whilst you can buy some things online, I find that you get a much better choice by going in person - the website just doesn't list enough of their stock.

I love that this star fabric is on sale at the moment - I've used this several times before, as you can see from this beanbag I made.

Of course, other shops have sales at the moment too. Ones that I know about include Teasel Fabrics in Tunbridge Wells, Mr Smith in Crowborough, and The Fabric Place in Orpington. If you are nearby why not check these out?

Speak to you soon

Nicky x

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