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Here you will find my latest musings and news from Silk Interiors. Please feel free to leave comments - I love to receive feedback and know what you like or dislike.

World Maps As Decorative Pieces

By silkinteriors, Aug 20 2017 02:38PM

We both love maps, and find them beautiful as well as educational. We're not so great at reading them when out driving, or walking the dog, but there is a beauty to them that fascinates us.

Here's one Paul has that is hanging in his girls' bedroom. Such a simple idea, but really cool! Do you like it?

We thought we would see what other types of maps you can get, and us as decorative or statement pieces in your house. Click on any of these for more details.

This old style wallpaper would make a great addition to your wall. At over 3 metres by over 2 metres, this is a really big mural atht would look great in the right setting. It comes in 8 parts, so make sure you are careful when putting it up! Can you imagine what a great aid it would be for youngsters in learning about the world, or what a talking point when you have guests over for dinner?

If you are looking for a monochrome piece, then this wall art at 1.4 metres by 1 metre will look great. Personally we think it would look great in a white or grey room, but it may not be to everyone's tatse. Definitely a modern look. But what you gain in style you lack in detail, so not very good for an educational tool.

This next one is unual in that it looks like a piece of art in itself. We love the bright colours on this print and it's very affordable at less than £10 for a 50cm by 40cm print. Beautiful!

Another bright colourful one, we now move onto multi part walldecorations. This one is a 3 part print on canvas, and looks great in this picture over a dining room table. As long as care is taken to ensure that each part is hung at the same height, you can't go wrong with this.

This one comes in 5 parts - a real test of your DIY skills in hanging. But the impact is just amazing - and looks great as a backdrop here to a sideboard or home office.

Of course, you don't have to be limited to wall art when using world maps in your decor - they can be used in alll sorts of ways, as can be seen below:

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