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Here you will find my latest musings and news from Silk Interiors. Please feel free to leave comments - I love to receive feedback and know what you like or dislike.

Dress Curtains

By silkinteriors, Oct 14 2016 12:16PM

I recently made this set for a client’s lounge window, which comprised of a roman blind, dress curtains and a pelmet. I love the overall look and think it looks really smart, and the choice of fabric is great.

I sometimes get asked what are dress curtains? Generally speaking, dress curtains are curtains that are for decorative purposes, and are not made to be functional. In most cases they are paired with a roman blind, as in my client’s case, but are not intended to be pulled.

You may ask, why would someone want this? Some people prefer a roman blind at a window, but like the dress curtains also, just to be aesthetically pleasing. Personally I love this look, although I have not used this in my own house. Add in a pelmet and tie backs and the look is just fantastic!

But how much fabric is required for dress curtains? You will need less than for a fully functional set of curtains, but enough to make them look realistic. Obviously it depends on the width of the windows, and the desired length, but I think it best if there is enough material to almost reach in the centre. If funds are tight, you can use less than this amount, but the finished look will not be quite so luxurious.

Talking of length, another reason that people opt for dress curtains is to do with heat. In many houses radiators are situated underneath windows. If you like a full length curtain that reaches the floor, but don’t want to keep out the heat, you may opt for dress curtains with a roman blind.

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