Quality Handmade Curtains, Blinds and Soft Furnishings throughout Tunbridge Wells, West Kent and surrounding areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Do You Cover? - Silk interiors are based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Most of our clients are within West Kent, but we have had clients as far afield as Ramsgate to Hackney.


Do you come to measure? - Yes, we will come out to measure your windows if required. This is all part of the service, but we may have to charge a nominal fee if too far away. This will be advised upon initial contact.


Do you supply material? - We can supply you with a limited range of material, which can be found here. Generally speaking, we find that as this is so much a personal choice, we leave buying material to the client. However, we are happy to advise and suggest suitable suppliers. A list with links to their websites can be found here.


Can you use existing curtains? - Yes, we have often used much loved curtains that are maybe too big when moving to a new house. Many clients love the material and have used them to make smaller curtains or blinds.


Do you recommend blackout linings? - Yes, we feel that blackout lining is preferable, especially for bedrooms, as without it early morning sun can affect quality of sleep. This is particularly important for children's rooms. Of course, if you do not want blackout lining, then that is your choice, but it will not adda great deal to the cost.


Do you require a deposit? - Yes, we will ask for a deposit of up to 50% of the quote.


Can you supply wooden blinds? - We can supply made to measure wooden blinds through a third party company.


Can I provide you with my own measurements? - Yes we often work with our client's own measurements, however we take no responsibility for goods made if the measurements are incorrect. We always recommend taking our own measurements.

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