Quality Handmade Curtains, Blinds and Soft Furnishings throughout Tunbridge Wells, West Kent and surrounding areas

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Plush Addict

0845 519 4422

[email protected]

Recommended Fabric Suppliers

Bell House Fabrics

01580 712555

[email protected]

My Fabric House


Heidi's Den of Fabrics

[email protected]

Jane Clayton

01761 404505

[email protected]

AH Naylor

[email protected]

Hundreds of patterned cottons

Plains, stripes, checks, classical

Great patterned linens

Many themed styles

Few but lovely designs

Top quality and style

Wilde, Prestigious, Clarke & Clarke

Mainly craft but unusual patterns

Super stylish designs

The Mill Shop Online

01604 875062

[email protected]

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For a downloadable printout of our 3 favourite suppliers, click here