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Silk Interiors can make Roman Blinds to exactly fit your requirements, be that inside the window recess or outside the window. This is a personal preference and sometimes can depend on the amount of space you have around the window frame.


We will come and take the measurements and let you know how much material is required. We will provide the finished blind on a wooden baton, covered with your choice of fabric. The blind will be attached to the baton with velcro which you can remove to fit the baton to the ceiling/wall. Alternatively, we can also supply a mechanisms to attach the blind to if that is more preferable.


For a description of types of blind, scroll down or click here

Types of Blinds

These are wooden or plastic slatted blinds - Silk Interiors does not supply venetian blinds but can have them made to measure from a third party company. Please ask for details.

Roman blind Waterfall Blind Roller Blind

Roman Blinds

Waterfall Blinds

This is the most common type of blind I get requested to make. These are made of a single piece of material which is divided into three or more panels which pull up. These panels are held straight by rods that are inserted into the rear of the fabric. The cord that is used to pull the blinds up is threaded through each side and middle of the blind at the rear. When fully pulled up only the front panel is visible.

A waterfall blind is similar to a roman blind, but the different layers are partly visible when pulled up.

Roller Blinds

As the name suggest, when a roller blind is pulled up the fabric rolls around a mechanism. Roller blinds can be pulled to any length so may obscure only part of the window as required. Silk Interiors do not make roller blinds but can have them made to measure from a third party company. Please ask for details.

Venetian Blinds

This is a sample of my recent work - click on images to enlarge